Cultura Sermonetana

The network of companies supported by the Lazio Region for the tourist-commercial promotion of Sermoneta and its territory. ENOGASTRONOMY, CULTURE, CRAFTS, ART, HISTORY and TRADITIONS will surprise you!

  • A Unique Heritage

    Sermoneta captures you with all its beauty

  • Network Companies

    A commercial network for the development of tourism

  • eCommerce

    ECommerce Online booking and purchase of services and products

  • Promotions

    Special condition for Cultura Sermonetana's friends

  • Sermoneta & cinema

    The network has created a tourist route on the streets, set of films

  • Game Jam

    An event to make a videogame about Sermoneta

  • Public WiFi

    Free Wifi to overcome the digital divide

  • Civic crowdfunding

    The network to support the territory


The event / challenge to promote and support the production of videogames that can spread values ​​and traditions with new languages ​​and increase the sense of membership of the young participants in their territory

  • Team of gamers and digital creatives
  • Citizen participation
  • A video game starring Sermoneta
  • To the winner 2000 euros in Amazon vouchers
Who is the winner?


Cultura Sermonetana for Sermoneta

A perfectly preserved medieval village, public assets of historical and architectural value that need constant maintenance, an intangible cultural heritage to support and promote.

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Crowdfunding for the protection and development of tourism in Sermoneta, a medieval village of inestimable beauty

  • Maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets
  • Support to public institutions and places of culture, symphonic lyric foundations, traditional theaters (as required by the law)
  • Realization, restoration and strengthening of public bodies and institutions of the show

Why become a supporter?

You will receive exclusive prizes, promotions, free tickets for events and much more, as well as obtaining tax advantages guaranteed by the bonus art.

Help protect the cultural heritage and make Sermoneta more beautiful. The law of 29 July 2014, n. 106, as part of the "Urgent provisions for the protection of cultural heritage, the development of culture and the revival of tourism", has introduced a tax credit to Article 1 - "Art-bonus" to favor liberal donations to support of culture.

What is Art Bonus?

Civic Crowdfunding


Support to the territory

Art bonus

Sermoneta is a perfectly preserved medieval village. A unique cultural heritage, rich in history, art and traditions.

Orange Flag for tourism , obtained from the Italian Touring Club, European Destination of Excellence , recognized by the European Union and Jewel of Italy .

The splendid village is in the province of Latina, a few kilometers from Rome, it stands on a hill and dominates the great Pontine Plain offering breathtaking views.

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